Best succulents for newbies

When you’re starting with a new plant type, simple is better, because you want to succeed right? If you’re wanting to get your first succulent plant and are scared about killing it, worry not. Check out this list of 6 succulents that are great for beginners! Some of these are my boys favorite plants, and if my 4 and 7 year olds haven’t killed them, you won’t either!

    Tiger Jaw –The wide, toothy grin of this plant is a fun conversation piece. Each plant produces a rosette of up to approximately 10 leaves and they’re clump forming, naturally.

    Echeveria Lola – This rosette succulent is easily found in stores and is inexpensive. They do require more light than some succulents and are sensitive to cold, but oh those rosettes! You just have to have at least one Echeveria in your collection!

  Aloe Vera –This toothy succulent has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The sap found on the inner leaves is used to heal wounds and soothe burns. There are even drinks made out of Aloe, which aids in digestion! Keep this medicinal plant by a bright kitchen window to enjoy its beauty every day and have on hand in case you burn yourself on your stove!

  Bunny Ear Cactus –This prickly cactus requires very little care! It loves constant temperatures, with them being cooler in the winter months, so they make a great houseplant! In the winter they do not need to be watered at all! How cool is that?

 Zebra Haworthia –This striking succulent gets its name from the horizontal stripes covering its leaves. A compact grower, the zebra plant is tidy, contained and a perfect addition to any small space. Zebra plant requires a moderate amount of sunlight and water.

  Panda Plant –This plant is characterized by little white hairs, giving it a fuzzy texture. The Panda plant loves the dry, winter air in heated homes. Water as necessary, but just enough to keep the leaves from shriveling.