Choosing the best succulent for your area

Succulents in general are very forgiving plants, so if you have a ‘black thumb’ like I did, I urge you to get started with these guys! Even though they require very little water, and make great houseplants, you still need to pick the right one for your environment. There is one major decision you need to make before spending your hard earned money on a new succulent plant.

Decide if your plant will be an indoor or outdoor plant.

If your succulent is going to be strictly indoors, there are some basic requirements for easy care. You need a bright, preferable south facing window, and a place in that area to put your plant! Most succulents need about 10 hours of bright, indirect light to do well. If you do not have good lighting conditions, thats ok, because with the help of grow lights you CAN have them indoors! If you plan on having the succulent live outside, either in a pot or in the ground, there is some more information you should gather before deciding. Some succulents are frost tolerant, others are not. Some like direct sunlight, others will burn. Some do well in fast draining soil, others in rock or sand. Knowing where you will place your plant will save you a lot of troubleshooting later on, but since succulents are so cool, often you can play around with conditions before it dies. So if your soil isn’t working for it, put it in a pot where you can control the type of soil it has!

If you don’t know what USDA Plant zone you live in you can go here and get your zone information by just entering in your zip code! If you are outside the U.S., check out this article which tells you the zone information for the rest of the world. Many online stores will let you search by zone type, so it’s handy information to have! If you have your heart set on a certain plant but don’t know what zone it will grow in, or what conditions it likes, you can google it to get the information you need.Once you’ve decided where your succulent will live, start looking at different succulents and pick one out! If you are a succulent newbie, here’s a list of 5 succulents that are good beginner plants. If you’re more familiar with succulents, or you want to go for the gusto, pick any succulent you want! Just be aware there might be some tweaking of care you will have to do. Since I’m a succulent addict, I have succulents everywhere – in the house, outside in pots, and outside in the ground. Not all my succulents will work in all three locations! But that’s ok, since I’m crazy like that.