Using grow lights

Grow lights can be super helpful for houseplants that need more light than your house will allow for. Some people use them just in the winter, others use them all the time! Not having bright light coming into your windows shouldn’t prevent you from having succulents!

There are many types of grow lights, ranging from inexpensive to the very expensive ones. Today, we’re going to focus on a few inexpensive lights that I use in my home and absolutely love! The spectrum of light is important to plant growth. These plant grow lights deliver light with professional blue/red spectrum ratio. Blue light is very helpful in seeds germination, plants sprout, stronger stalks and roots. Suitable blue light is helpful for your plant to be healthier and more productive. Red light will help your plants to grow taller, bigger and affect flowering. The red light spectrum also helps succulents to show their non-green colors.

November Spring grow light – This is the first grow light that I purchased, and it is still fabulous! It’s great for having a very portable light and I love the clip, you can put it pretty much anywhere!

  • 60 LED Plant Grow Light (42 red & 18 blue). LED Grow light bulb is ultra bright, lower heat and lower power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. It has 0-100% Dimmable Levels brightness, you can adjust according to plant needs.
  • Auto ON/OFF / Timing Function – This grow light can be set it up 3 hour / 6 hour / 12 hours.
  • Great 3-Head Designs: This 3-lamp led grow lamp with 360 degree flexible neck and clamp is easy to adjust and place anywhere. The Wide linear light design let it can cover a larger area and provide energy for more plants, easy to install at your home or office.
  • Widely Use – This Plant Grow Light with timer is suitable for the indoor plant seedlings grown in a hydroponic greenhouse at your home or your office. It helps to accelerate the growth of different plants for all stages, such as succulents, tomatoes, peppers, roses, basil, rosemary, parsley, lime tree, potted plants, flowering plants and any other fruits and vegetables.

Litever grow lights – Once I had too many plants for the above grow light, I purchased a 5 tier shelving unit and put these lights on it. I use these lights daily, to make sure some of my prized rare succulents get the proper light!

  • Easy Installation plant grow led light kit. This kit comes with everything you need to install the lights, including screws, sticky pads, and zip ties depending on what surface you are mounting them on.
  • Super strong led grow light.—–High PAR value.—Good for veg, flower, succulents, verbena plants, etc.
  • Flexible design. You can choose to light your plants by connecting the 4 pcs light bars in a linear line. You can also choose to double the light for your plants by connecting 2 pieces LED light bars in parallel.
  • Premium quality plant grow led light kit. Certified top quality power adaptor. Aluminum led light strip body for good heat-dissipation.

There are many other grow lights available, especially on amazon, but these are the two that I use, so I can vouch for them!